Meet the Team

We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.

We believe these characteristics should influence everything we do in business and life. We love the work that we do, and our partners, players, and team members should reap the benefits.



A team you can count on.

Jan Roessner - Profile Pic Team Page (3)

Jan Roessner

Chief Executive Officer


We are proud to have assembled an incredible team of advisors with very diverse backgrounds to guide us through the challenges ahead and make use of any opportunity that presents istelf. 

Beryl Basham | One Earth Rising

Beryl Basham

Co-Founder, One Earth Rising
Jim Ward - Profile Pic Advisor Page (1)

Jim Ward

CEO, IRL, Inc. - Former President of LucasArts
Mike Gubman | One Earth Rising

Mike Gubman

Board Member, LANDR Audio Inc.
Mathew Knowles - Profile Pic Advisor Page (2)

Mathew Knowles

Founder, Music World Entertainment
Jeff Peters - Profile Pic Team Page

Jeff Peters

COO, Spark XR Inc.